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Post ASG Up2Date V8.301 Soft-Release

Today we have made available Version 8.301 of Astaro Security Gateway via soft-release. This is a maintenance release that will address various reported issues and will contribute to the stability of your ASG installation.

As there have been more instances of soft-release installations these past months, I'd like to outline the Soft-Release process again for new users. While we plan to release this exact package in within 1-2 weeks, it is possible that undiscovered critical issues might be addressed and introduced to the 'final' package which is pushed out via Up2Date. (Soft-releases are manual download via FTP and manual install to your ASG only). In that case, you might end up with a different installed package than the one we push out. We do have a plan for introducing a system which will still update your installation if you install a soft-release that is then changed, but that isn't ready quite yet. If this process doesn't appeal to you, don't install a soft-release; just wait until we release the official 8.301 and install that via WebAdmin normally at that time.

This release contains a number of fixes around VPN, Web Security, and wireless. We will monitor this thread for any feedback around this Up2Date until the GA Up2Date Push.

ASG V8.301 Up2Date Details
System will be rebooted
Configuration will be upgraded
Connected Wifi APs will perform firmware upgrade

Several bug fixes for IPsec VPN
Several bug fixes for Web Filter
Fixed: IRQd restarting often

[19482] Data transfer over L2TP VPN breaks after a few minutes for Windows clients
[19740] Downloads larger than the max. scanning size with chunked encoding break if AntiVirus is enabled
[19806] Web Filter: iPhone/iPad exception for Youtube doesn't match
[19914] Can't select 2012 as custom time frame in Logging & Reporting >> View Log Files >> Search Log Files
[20102] WiFi: Connection problems for clients using powersaving

Size: ~90MB
MD5: 4a4bc6e44f6f362f624a6d22fba93de3

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