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Default [8.900] [closed] UTM Wireless (AP are not accepted by UTM)

Hello guys,

we have just basic installation with the beta version done to have a look over the new features. Today I wanted to have a look on the hotspot-feature. So I have made a simple wireless configuration.

After plugging in an AP (AP50 or AP30) in the live log of the wireless protection the following error messages appear.

2012:03:08-12:03:05 utm220-1 awed[6880]: [MASTER] new connection from
2012:03:08-12:03:05 utm220-1 awed[8721]: [AP30 A40001AAC6D2A70] (Re-)loaded identity and/or configuration
2012:03:08-12:03:05 utm220-1 awed[8721]: [AP30 A40001AAC6D2A70] device not authorized yet, dropping.

I do not have an idea where the issue is coming from.

Perhaps other testers have made equal experiences perhaps this is an Bug?

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