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Henrik 08-15-2008 07:44 PM

[1.810] Not all NICs are shown at Resource Information on ASG 7.280 [CONFIRMED]

I know that there is an entry in the known issues for 1.810 and 7.280
that says:

ACC 1.810 in conjunction with ASG 7.280
* Addition or removal of network interfaces is not reflected instantly

But I haven't added or removed a device and now even less devices are shown there.

Not only briged interfaces are missing but also normal interfaces.


megaposer 08-18-2008 07:32 AM


we agreed in another post that we will only show physical interfaces:

How many Ethernet interfaces have you configured and how many are you expecting to show up? Please dump the following file contents from the device:


This may be related to the missing restart of the device-agent after updating to 7.280 ... did the situation improve after you restarted manually?

Thanks and regards,

Henrik 08-18-2008 07:59 AM

1 Attachment(s)

I've configured eth0 to eth2 but the file /etc/active_interfaces
only includes eth0 and eth1. This is on a ASG110.

On an ASG220 HA Cluster there is eth0, a bridge for eth1 and eth7 and
eth3 for clustering. The /etc/active_interfaces includes br0 and eth0.
With this appliance i didn't have the problem that it couldn't connect.

Today the ASG110 on the inventory looks as you see on the attachment.
Looks nice.


megaposer 08-18-2008 08:58 AM


is this a screenshot of the ASG 110 after you restarted the nextgen-agent on this appliance?


Henrik 08-18-2008 08:59 AM


this is a Screenshot from the ASG110. I did he nextgen-agent restart on friday
and today when I looked at it on the ACC this is what I see.


megaposer 08-18-2008 10:55 AM


could you send the nextgen-agent dump of the respective device to please. After this, try to delete this device in Management >> Registration and see if the problem persists after the device reconnects.


megaposer 08-18-2008 11:13 AM


investigating the dump reveals that the device is still at version 7.270 ... Is it the same device that had problems connecting after the Up2Date to 7.280? Maybe the Up2Date had some kind of glitch? Besides that, the dump shows complete inventory information with correct syntax/semantics.


Henrik 08-18-2008 11:27 AM


/etc/version says 7.280. It's the same device from the up2date thing. But like
I said it's also with a ASG 220.

Here is part of the u2pdate.log from the appliance:
2008:08:15-20:16:03 (none) audld[6464]: Starting Up2Date Package Downloader (Version 1.57)
2008:08:15-20:16:09 (none) audld[6464]: id="3701" severity="info" sys="system" sub="up2date" name="Authentication successful"
2008:08:15-20:16:12 (none) audld[6464]: id="3707" severity="info" sys="system" sub="up2date" name="Successfully synchronized fileset" status="success" action=
"download" package="sys"
2008:08:15-20:17:01 (none) auisys[6539]: Starting Up2Date Package Installer (Version 1.65)
2008:08:15-20:17:02 (none) auisys[6539]: Searching for available up2date packages for type 'sys'
2008:08:15-20:17:02 (none) auisys[6539]: Installing up2date package file '/var/up2date//sys/u2d-sys-7.280.tgz.gpg'
2008:08:15-20:17:02 (none) auisys[6539]: Verifying up2date package signature
2008:08:15-20:17:16 (none) auisys[6539]: Unpacking installation instructions
2008:08:15-20:17:26 (none) auisys[6539]: Unpacking up2date package container
2008:08:15-20:17:36 (none) auisys[6539]: Running pre-installation checks
2008:08:15-20:17:45 (none) auisys[6539]: Starting up2date package installation
2008:08:15-20:19:04 (none) auisys[10347]: >================================================= ========================
2008:08:15-20:19:04 (none) auisys[10347]: Another instance of this process is already running, exiting
2008:08:15-20:19:04 (none) auisys[10347]: pids currently running: 6539 10344 (my pid: 10347, parent pid: 10346)
2008:08:15-20:19:04 (none) auisys[10347]:
2008:08:15-20:19:04 (none) auisys[10347]: 1. main::auisys_prepare_and_work:286()
2008:08:15-20:19:04 (none) auisys[10347]: 2. main::top-level:34()
2008:08:15-20:19:53 (none) auisys[6539]: id="371Z" severity="info" sys="system" sub="up2date" name="Successfully installed Up2Date package" status="success" a
ction="install" package_version="7.280" package="sys"


Henrik 08-19-2008 07:23 PM


I made a nextgen-agent restart yesterday and afterwards all the
information was shown again.

Today there is hardly information any longer again.


megaposer 08-20-2008 07:39 AM

Hi Henrik,

I have to admit that I am loosing you ... :confused:

If I understand correctly the Inventory view for this particular appliance (ASG 110) shows blank after a certain period of time? If you restart the nextgen-agent, the problem with interfaces and the blank display in Inventory are temporarily mitigated? Do you have missing information in any other view? Does this only happen with the ASG 110 of yours?

Could you check if with the latest ASG V7.3 RC2 (7.290) the problems persist?

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we cannot reproduce it here at the moment.


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